Young bird perches and widowhood hen perches

Young bird perches

with or without the special nesting hole!

Each unit consists of a removable perch for easy cleaning, and a plastic coated metal grille for stopping any contact with droppings. Young pigeons really feel comfortable in these perches, making it easier for any fancier who like to have his pigeons tame. After using these perches in our young bird lofts, we have less problems with flyaways and our race results have doubled since with the special nesting hole we have found a new way of motivating our young birds when racing from nest or the jelousy method. (Normal perches also can be fitted with the special nesting hole.)

Widowhood hen perches

perches 18 cm wide!

These perches are built the same way as the young bird perches, but only being 18 cm wide with deeper sides and special grilles allowing only one pigeon to use the perch, therefore less trouble with pairing hens.



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