Multi purpose nest box system

This nest box system sets new standards in the sectors breeding, widowhoodship and motivation!

  • Because numerous variations are possible, our 3 sectionale nest boxes can really help a pigeon fancier to prepare his pigeons better for racing. This nest box system offers a pigeon fancier numerous advantages throughout the entire racing season, especially to the end of the season. You can change the position of the pen fronts in various ways, which can really motivate your pigeons.
  • Parts of the nest boxes are made of solid poplar wood and poplar plywood. Poplar is found to be one of the most suitable types of wood for pigeon lofts because of its ability to absorb dampness whilst giving the lofts a dry healthy atmosphere.
  • The nest boxes are all fitted with plastic coated metal grills.
  • Newly developed metal door fittings for a fast and easy positioning of the pen fronts. (No hooks or rings.)
  • With pull out nest boxfloor, or automatic droppings transport band, which we have used for some time in our swing framed nest boxes.
  • Also available our standard nest box, without the special breeding section, as in our complete system with special breeding section and an extra perch is also used for the winter position.
  • Access to each section can also be reached at from the back of the nest box. Nature has shown us that pigeons are hole breeders, this was taken into consideration whilst developing was taking place. The breeding section was constructed to stop the pigeons treading when getting ready for the race, it also has calming effect on the pigeon which eables the fancier to basket them without any form of stress.

Closed nest box

In this position the pigeon is either in the nest box, or the nest box is not in use. No other pigeon has access to the box from outside..

Resting position after race

The pigeon can rest on the perch shown in section "A". The swing doors at the front are closed, which also darkens this area of the box. The pigeon cannot be distracted by his loft inmates, therefore bringing fast recovery.

Preparing for a race

Before basketing, the hen is put into the dark section of the box (section "C"), either from the back or the front, where she than takes possession of the nest bowl and calls for the cock who is waiting in section "B", section "C" is closed by a sliding door which stops the cock seeing the hen, he can only hear her. After opening the sliding door the cock will join her in the nest bowl, now they are ready for the basket.

Motivation with extra perch

The position of the extra perch gives the pigeon an overall view of the loft. The extra perch keeps the pigeon alert, guarding its nest box with a close eye on its inmates. An extra perch can be a great motivation for a pigeon being prepared for racing.

Winter position

The front of section "A" and "B" is closed. The pigeon can only use the winter perch (section "C"). This position reduces the time and work used on cleaning nest boxes in winter. It can also be used to motivate pigeons, when being opened for pairing.

Standard nest box

Our basic nest box is not fitted with a breeding section, as in our multi pupurse box, but can be achieved by closing the swing door as shown.

Returning from race
If only one of the partners are raced, the other partner will be waiting in section ,C", when the racing pigeon returns it flies into section "B" Now it waits to be let into section " C" through the sliding door. This way either partner can be highly motivated. For better racing results.

Rear panel with an extra door
If required the rear panel can be fitted with an extra door. Giving access to every single section from behind without disturbing the loft inmates.



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