Young bird nest box / perch

ideal to race young birds from the nest

  • compact young bird nest boxes
    used as a nest box: width 50 cm,
    depth 62,5 cm
    used as two perches: width 23 cm,
    depth 30 cm
  • easy to operate due to our reliable hinge system
    with just one hand adjustment, You can change from perches to a nest box
  • easy to clean
    with plastic coated grids and pullout drawers, or with electric transport belts

Positions for nest box:

As shown above, it is easy for the pigeon to find access to the nest box, whilst using any of the frame positions. This can also be very useful for a bit of extra motivation.

Another big advantage are the different views one gets from the front. When using the variable swing frames, each pigeon can have its own individual housing, also making it easier for fancier catching pigeons in the box.

Position for the perches

The drawing on the left, shows how easy it is to change the nest boxes to perches. Where two young birds have adequate space.



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