Swinging frame nest box

fully automatic or with pullout floors and grilles for easy cleaning

This nest box has numerous advantages. It is very practical, of an nice design and easy fitted.

The special darkend compartment of this nest box is favourized by the widowhood cocks and hens, motivating a quick return from racing. Pigeons are hole breeders, this is the reason why we developed the special stationary dark compartment. We have made it stationary so pigeons returning from racing will always find the breeding compartment in the same position.

With lots of extras like back panel door elements, winter perch, dowel partition food bowls and an extra nest bowl board for the first round of eggs, we offer you the optimal nest box system for perfect pigeon racing.

Closed nest box

  1. for pairing up
  2. when not in use
  3. stopping other pigions taking possesion of a second nest box.

Easy Control

With the up and over front it is easier to check the youngsters or eggs in the nest bowl. When pulling out the floor for a quick and easy clean the metal coated grilles stay in the nest box.

Extra front

Extra front used at the back of the nest box. The front can be turned sideways and has a dowel door. The extra front can make two seperate compartments at the back, separating cock and hen, whilst still being able to see each other. It is also possible to darken off one of the back compartments. This part of the nest box is also favourized by widowhood cocks and hens.

Pairing and breeding

Open nest box during breeding. The nest bowl should be placed in the opening of the extra nest box board protecting the eggs from fighting cocks. When the young birds are two weeks old, the nest bowl is placed on the grille and a new bowl is fitted for the second round.

Breading time: open nest box

After pairing has taken place the open nest box makes it easier for cocks and hens to find the right box when driving to nest.

Alteration to double perch

In just a matter of seconds the nest box can be changed to double or treble perches. This system has been very succesful for total widowhoodship and is also used as winter perches during the moulting time. The easy to clean grilles stop any danger infection caused by droppings.

For racing

Position for widow racing. The up and over front is placed in the middle of the nest box. The hen is behind the closed sliding door in the breeding compartment waiting for the widowhood cock.



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